Thursday, 12 May 2011


Irrespective of who and what you are in the corridor of politics, please respect the Malaysian written Constitution-lah!

Our Rule of Law ...kinda like that unwritten British Constitution!

Let us not allow this to happen again!
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In the true spirit of our founding fathers this country must not be allowed to be ruled by chauvinist Chinese again!

It is kind of like an unwritten British constitution that here in Malaysia, lucky or unlucky, we have a written constitution, but unfortunately, that it is now opened for abuse, especially by the Chinese-based opposition party!.
From what I have gathered, it is a conventional wisdom in this country that the official religion is Islam since the majority of the population that are Malays who professed Islam as their religion.
In this country, if we did not have a unwritten constitution, still the Malay kings and sultans are a clear testimony that the land that was once called Federation of Malaya, or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, is indeed ruled by Malay majority.
In England even though there is no written Constitution but the British Rule of Law dictates that the Prime Minister of that country cannot be a Negro, Chinese, Pakistani, or Indian originally from
India! Or, by the same token the King cannot be a person of a Chinese, or Indian or Pakistani descent!
We can go on and on saying that it was not stipulated in our "written" constitution that the Prime Minister, his deputy or the King need not necessarily be of the Malay-Muslin descent, that Chinese or Indian or Sikh or anything other than a Malay-Muslim can also be holding that posts?
However, it has been clearly been stipulated that in this country the Malays were and are willing to share with the others, have to be be clearly a country to be governed by that unwritten laws and conventional wisdom that the official religion is Islam and the Prime Minister and his deputy are of the Malay-Muslim descent, and that the King and sultans cannot be a teochew, fuchow, malayali or tamil or dll, other than that what has already been widely agreed and accepted by clear a convention. Unless any one is ready for another racial riot! Read here!
Unless a certain group or groups are willing to destroy that very succinctly em-placed norms and convention and social mores of this country! Or unless if anyone is willing to accept the consequence of the aftermath of the chaos or perhaps an unnecessary blood bath for having such a thought of such disgraced human folly, then lets do this and get it over with!!! Read here for more on British Constitution!


Anonymous said...
Bro Another "lalang" clearing ops is seriously due to cool things done. But I doubt it'll happen under the limp-wristed Hisham's watch. DSN must quickly realise, cousin notwithstanding, the result your get when you put a pondan to do a man's job --- meek, ambivalent & ambiguous decision-making. Sorry to be so blunt, but the truth hurts and I'd rather be hurtful with some personalities rather than see this beautiful country and its people get hurt. Salam
This short article by Barking Mgpie should and must be read by Malaysians, irrespective of who and what you are, especially those in the corridor of politics. As opposed to other foreign laws, like Britain Malaysia has written laws, written by their far-sighted fathers. Please do not forget that. Never ever! As the Malays strongly belief and adhered to  " Di mana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung." If some Malaysians do not understand the meaning of this saying, whether socially or otherwise, please go back to basics by learning the language. After all bahasa Malaysia is everyone's national language as enshrined in the Constitution and the lingua franca of the Nusantara. And are not Malaysians supposed to be loyal and love the country which they called Malaya then and now Malaysia.


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